Return and Cancellation Policy


SC ATELIER PASTRY BONBON S.R.L. ( aims to offer an increased degree of flexibility in the relationship with its customers. Because we want every buyer to be completely satisfied, we are willing to take the necessary steps to resolve potential dissatisfaction expressed, but at the same time referring to the rigors of the law.


If you ordered a product from, and the delivery does not correspond to the description and specifications mentioned on the website, or the product has undergone changes due to transport, you can return the product and you will receive your money back in full.


Before purchasing a product from the ALMOND online store or physical stores, please read the Terms and Conditions section carefully.


If you ordered a product from, and the cake exceeded the required quantity, no costs will be added to the value originally set.


If you will ask us for a different model than those presented on,then you need to accept a margin of +/- 350 grams, which will be reflected in the final amount you have to pay. Being a different project, we can only approximate the minimum amount needed to make it.




In the case of customized products, due to the complexity of the decorative elements, the order can be canceled before delivery, with a minimum time equal to the production time. For example, for a cake with a production time of 72 hours, the order can be canceled with a minimum time of 3 days before delivery. If you cancel your order after it has gone into production, we reserve the right to withhold the down payment received at the time the order was placed.


Upon receipt, the package will be checked to see if it meets the conditions mentioned above, otherwise it will be refused. Thus, will be refused:

  • parcels containing products in a different state than the one in which they were delivered parcels
  • containing products damaged during transport as a result of improper packaging.


Any complaint regarding the condition of products delivered to customers will be brought to the attention of S.C. ATELIER PASTRY BONBON S.R.L. ( upon receiving them, by phone or by e-mail, following that S.C. ATELIER PASTRY BONBON S.R.L. ( solve it. If it is proven that the products cannot be delivered or that their integrity is affected during delivery, the customer can request the return of the amounts already collected by S.C. ATELIER PASTRY BONBON S.R.L. (, but not additional compensation.


Filling out the return form will be done here.




Even if you have completed the online order, it is only considered accepted after telephone confirmation by one of our operators.


If the payment was made through one of the e-payment methods and the order was not accepted later by our operators, the customer will receive the full amount back to the account.