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I started this story honouring orders from families longing for childhood desserts, a taste that is not easily forgotten! So, as much as we’ve grown up in the meantime, we wanted to keep this concern as well, to sweeten family gatherings. Let’s participate with what we do best in that loving atmosphere!

With a keen interest in healthy ingredients, we have created fabulous desserts that are great when it comes to events where children are present or people who have to monitor their sweet intake day after day.

We can sweeten family events just as spectacularly sugar-free and gluten-free, from a lavish cake to sweet treats for the coach. Surprise your loved ones with a slice of sophisticated cake, for example, with red beetroot or spinach, whose structure is based on almond flour, our favourite ingredient.
Whatever you choose for your family reunion – and whatever size it is – we guarantee your first reaction to our desserts will be surprise. A pleasant one, of course! Come to a tasting and see for yourself!

evenimente private

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