Sweet talk goes a long way in business, and that’s why we created the concept of the corporate candy bar; a clever dessert whets the appetite for conversation and befriends those who enjoy it as it impresses them. How simple, right? The world becomes less tough when offered a good cookie!

We’ve come up with a mix of sweet and savoury treats with great versatility that can successfully cover a wide variety of taste preferences. We can suggest it ourselves, according to the skills of experienced confectioners in meeting the requirements of large events, or we compose it according to the theme provided by the client, who knows his collaborators and business partners very well, as an extremely attentive professional.

We can create a candy bar that also appeals to participants with special health conditions thanks to sugar-free or almond flour-based recipes.
The sweet tooth is a matter of the heart, but we treat it with the utmost professionalism both when we create for the general public and when we design the candy bar for a business event.
So how many people should it be for? We are looking forward to filling the business community with joy!


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