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If a loved one put a slice of the most spectacular cake you’ve ever seen, what would be the thought that would stop you from getting your hand on the spoon: “It seems fainting sweet…”, “God, how many calories does it have?”, “it looks too good, these things can’t be natural!”, “sugar will take me by the head again, and I won’t be human the rest of the day…” and it’s understandable, really.Because, on the one hand, we have been bombarded with “spectacular cakes” in

Signature desserts by Monica PușcoiuCakes with empathy for any health condition and age.We like sweets a lot and we could not imagine a happy life without them. But at the same time, we are extremely aware of the society in which we live and in which we have chosen to put our passion to work and to sweeten others. A few clarifications about this delicate context:The latest statistics on celiac disease (autoimmune gluten intolerance) speak of an incidence of 1% of the