About Monica

Everyone's healthy indulgence

Hi, I’m Monica (Pușcoiu) and I congratulate myself every day for having the clarity and courage to follow my passion, and my husband for believing in this sweet creation story. The story began with the travelling cakes of the pandemic, a period when Romanians isolated in various areas suffered not only for family, but also for cakes from home. With great love for people who appreciate quality sweets, I was able to relieve the longing of my friends in Qatar to whom I started flying with all my passion for the art of baking, with a baby of only six months in my arms, but also with all the support of a wonderful husband, my support in everything.

Who am I?

We have grown a lot since cakes, pies and cheese dumplings with which we have enjoyed the lives of Romanians in Doha, but we have remained with the same thought: to produce products that bring families together in a buzz of joyful reunion every time. Without any worry or disappointment arising from any dietary restriction because we are now ALMOND, the sign of hope for all sweet lovers.

The surprisingly healthy treat

You know, it’s a very interesting fact: the almond carries a rich symbolic charge in many cultures, and among the most often and powerfully invoked in customs that have been preserved to this day speak of purity, hope and optimism. We couldn’t find a more telling representation of what we do for our clients’ families: we offer hope and confidence in quality. We strive to observe all preferences and delight all tastes so that no one is left out of the joy of enjoying a little indulgence, whether it’s on a short weekend stroll or at a large event, regardless of dietary restrictions.

What is the secret? The belief that it can be done. And, of course, the right ingredients for the job: first and foremost, almond flour, the essence of our philosophy, but also of our products, which we simply adore. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, it’s versatile, it’s safe for all appetites, even gluten intolerant ones. More: ALMOND is everyone’s dessert, even the little ones, as we use delicious fruit-based creams and PURÉE s with no added sugar for them, as we used to give to little Maia, who grew up healthy in this sweet story that we, her parents, have been decorating over the years.

It’s the thought we have for every family: to enjoy the sweet moments of life in good health, without worry or guilt. For this we use only natural ingredients, without flavour enhancers or premixes, with great respect for the refinement of the art of confectionery and also for the well-being of our customers.

We look forward to seeing you at ALMOND, online or in person, to discover together the right dessert, whatever unique combination of preferences and requirements we need to adapt to in the creative process. Because there’s something we love more than making cakes: making a burst of joy out of them!

With love,
Monica & ALMOND team