About Almond

Guilt-free desserts. Flavors without limits

ALMOND is the realm of real pampering, but with ‘fairy-tale’ ingredients. We call them so because everyone exclaims “Eh, stories!” when we tell them that our desserts can even be good for the body, not just the soul. But they are as real and unique as they can be, but accessible to all. Even to those for whom “something sweet” had to remain a fond childhood memory.

ALMOND’s thought is that everyone deserves to enjoy sweet moments healthily, without worry or guilt. We make this possible exclusively with natural ingredients, no flavour enhancers or premixes, and with great respect for the refinement of the production process. All of this is reflected in the well-being of our customers, so we expect you to sweeten it irreversibly!
Unique desserts, beneficial treats for the body, not just for the soul, based on almond flour and other brilliant ingredients, not just natural!